Today Was a Fairytale ....

7th June 2010

i met her up..
our 1st date in this relationship..

she showed up at 9 a.m.
haha..even roasters haven't woke up yet..

my heart was beating faster as soon as she arrived..
and waved her soft hand towards me..
then we made to Tasik Darulaman..
da moment i wished, finally came true..
she was sitting nex to me..
luv her so much...

having amazed by the beauty scenery,
my eyes also captured by her beauty..

her eyes..
her lips..
her cheek..
her smiles..
her laugh..

i love the way how she talked to me..
felt very calm & comfortable..
somehow rather its a bit funny..
but I DON'T MIND..

coz when i say
to her,

i must

cik kenet chubby..hua3..

with my auntie..hahaha.. :D

duta Tasik Darulaman..huhuhu

then we headed to Jitra Mall..
bought tickets to watch Shrek 4..

damn la Jitra Mall..
xleh pki student's card..

while waiting..
we wen 4 lunch 1st..
apa la sweetie2, makan xabes..
igtkan gumox2 cm2 mkn byk..

tgk Shrek..
ada kuceng 2 comel syiall..
masa minx Donkey jilatkan blkg dia 2..
tp aku tgk syg aku kt sblah..
lg la comel..

i gave her, ARMANI..

x abes2 taw ngn hp dia..hesh

filem lakonan ktarg..huhu..jgn lupa saksikan..!!


Arnie syuhaida said...

dulu tgk Shrek..skrg rapunzel..sumer comey mcm i.. :)