Bon Odori@Esplanade

i've been to Esplanade..
to enjoy the Bon Odori held there..
it's a kind of Japanese Tradition Exhibition & Performance..
organised by Penang Japansese Association (PJA)..

many booths were set up..
with variety of stuff..
my eyes were attracted to da kimonos..
very well made..
such an interesting yet unique traditional attire they hv..
but then, we hv also our "baju kelawar"..haha

the peak was the fireworks part..
very2 colourful n havoc..
the blasts were really great..
if u had ur love one there,
it shud be a wonderful n romantic moment..
i wish i could hv it wif my sweetie too..

then, we made our way to Padang Kota food court..
i had Nasi Goreng only..
da last day i went with other frens,
there was a basking man..
& this time he came again..
he played the guitar well 4 a traditional song..
wow..watta great basking..
da same songs, but still interesting..
tanxs to all..

..Bagan, Sue, Dona, Qya..