Once Broken, Considered Sold

things given are not returnable..huhu..
it's oke..juz accept it..
no matter what, all of them from me..

i really don't mind..
why not, if u feel free by doing this..
i juz hope u get what u dream of..

i really wish that u can forget me..
but somehow rather i think u can't..
it's a good try by the way..
hope u'll succeed..


2009..u didn't even put ur signature..
if i knew it earlier that u didn't,
i'd be very2 sad...
i know it's juz like a horrible thing here,
but it came with meaning & full-heartedly i wrote that..

but right now, it doesn't worth to let my tears flow away..
it's juz da time to let u go away...
fly my dear, fly to ur destination..
find ur destiny..

thanks for those comments & opinions..
u guys are really good at this..haha..
keep? sell? throw? burn? publish? deco?
macam2 la korg..sweet..haha..

to sum1 :



nour.eil.xatty said...

EMM perlu tak nk mention nma?
once broken , i say goodbye.
gud luck. ! and good job )

◄•۞•► BuM ◄•۞•► said...

even if it stays hidden, it's already an open secret to others..