Job Seeking

always have confidence in ourselves..dare to confront challenges..
and thus, I made myself walked in an interview for a job recently..

after class finished, we took a bus to Parramatta..
it was such a long journey..
its whining and bumpy road made me sleepy on da bus..
i noticed some great spots along da way..
Eastwoods, for instance, has very structured buildings..
nice deco available between narrow streets made me amazed..

We got down near Church Street..
having one hour trip, I felt like my backbone was cracking..hehe..
Parramatta is a nice & well developed city..
I 've spotted awesome buildings around..
I'm impressed with their architecture that could be seen..


job..! job..!

A church in Parramatta

Reflection on water surface..

back in Malaysia we have Toy R Us, here we got Bikes R Us..haha


after waiting for half an hour, the manager turned up..
he gave us a briefing about the job..
he clarified the rules and regulation..& it was scary..hahaha..
it's a flyers distributor job..deliver flyers into mailbox and u'll get paid...
IF YOU COVER 95% of the designated territory..
60$ per flyer..u'll be given another 20$ if u've been added a set of flyers..
it goes up 80$, 100$, 120$, and so on..

at first glance, i have no confidence at all..
but then, y should i come if i didn't have the guts of trying..
no waiting, I signed the open contract..we r not bounded to any work force..
feel free to work at any times we want..its called "INDEPENDENT CONTRACT"..
and now, I'm officially a contract worker.. :)