Day Trip

Featherdale Wildlife Park

this is da 1st place for the trip..
the first time i sighted the kangaroos..
the best part was holding, touching, and feeding them..
very cute though..hehehe...i felt like taking them back home... :)
found new creatures here..
1 hour wasn't not enuf for us 2 discover..

comel x koala bear nie? pemalas..tido!

Three Sisters, Blue Mountain

second stop..
highland view from here..awesome!
i wasn't sure what blood am i carrying as i didn't feel cold over here..
hehehe...i love the view...really

nampak x three structures blkg tue?
itu la Three Sisters.. :)


Jenolan Caves

the last stop..
at 1st masa sampai, rasa mcm Gua Kelam la pulak..hehe..
mmg la kan, buley kata semua gua kelam..cerah pun sbb lampu.. :P
bu siyesly..kt sini agak sejok..
but i'm cool ja..ntah..rasa biasa la pulak..
membe2 lain t'ketar2 jgk wlpn put on sweaters..adeyh...
heran bin ajaib betol..

we were taken through the cave..mmg best..explanations were given clearly..
many interesting facts...talked bout the formation and everything...mmg ngantok..
tp best jgk kan amik geology..
aku belasah ja ok "geology"..hahahahahaha


*nak pegi Newcastle pulak ahad nie..yeah....!!