Malaysian 'Invasion' at Newport

last week..i went for a field trip to Newport Public School..
we traveled towards da north of NSW..
this school is located meters away from Newport beach..
60 of us hop on the bus and other 3 including me in the car..

luckily, we were taken to da beach..such a nice view along the beach..
crystal clear water, pure blue sky, fine sand, sunny day..
i was amazed..Subhanallah...never ever seen such a place like this..

then we moved to da school..
warm welcomed by the cheerful kids, very enthusiastic...
thru da talking, i've been inform that school hour starts at 9.25 and ends at 3.30..
kalo kat M'sia camni, apa la jadi nanti..hahaha..

hibiscus..bangganya jumpa kat sini..ada sorg bdk pmpn main2 ngn bunga nie..
then lecturer aku tego..

L : do you know what are you holding?
G : hibiscus
L : clever you know where they (aku, anwar hadi & azlan ariff) come from?
G : no
L : they are from Malaysia..and do you know that hibiscus is their national flower?

she didn't replied but she smiled sweetly and gave the flower to Anwar Hadi..
how sweet~

sir santai..huhu

this is the boy i interviewed for my math asgment..
due to privacy control, i blurred his face.. :P

had a great time with them..very cooperative..
then i headed back to Marsfield..dropped by at the Newport jetty..
i saw school kids took da ferry home..
some staying on the island..whooaa great..
they can see sharks & whales everyday especially during winter..

and suddenly i noticed da boy i interviewed and he waved at me..hehe...
every Friday, they will go for!!~ really interesting!

thats all..
i took a long time to update..hahaha...