3rd Day

assigned to replace two classes..
both Standard Four..

began with asking documents from our guide teacher..
she's so cooperative..an easy-going person..

walked off to 4 Mercury..
juz for a half of an hour..
students were settling down after PE..

1st impression is significant..
it determines who u are in their eyes..
but this class was (is) under control..
behaviour is ok & well mannered..
they introduced themselves..

we got as students with 2 ambitions..
i hope i've changed their mindset about being a farmer..
who says a farmer can't be rich..?
what if u own a wheat field..?
u see how much u can earn,
if factories take your wheat to be processed?

i was shocked when looking at a student..
she looks like one of the girls whom i loved b4..
IDENTICAL so as the NAME also..
past stories, shouldn't be remembered..

they were enjoying da song we introduced to them..
until they didn't care bout going out for recess..
still interested to sing da song..

was a bit chaotic..very active students..
fiercely walked into the class..
staring at them..
until they kept their mouths shut..

got students did other things..
i confiscated those things..huhu...
better be firm than submissive..
or else they won't respect us..

we did Simon Says again with them..
it seemed that they enjoyed it..
asking for more & more..
if i'm not mistaken, we've done 5 rounds..

as usual..
got cases also..
from this class, got a female student..
fell at nowhere & her leg was bleeding..

2nd case..
all of sudden, an aunt slapped her child..
i hv no idea 4 what reason..

3nd case..
1 of the washers ran amok..
yelling & shouting to the guard..
coz he got into the student's toilet that the washer juz cleaned..
i think he was sulking then made his way back home..

this is the unpredictable scenario at school..
we could hv many more..
those are for today's sharing..

and tmorow we r required to facilitate a fitness test..
1st task of handling co-curricular activity..
pray & hope 4 da best!