KL Trip


on 6th, we headed to Kuala Lumpur..
da bus took off 1 hour late..
it was so boring all the way to KL..
i juz listened to my MP3 and watched movie using my lappy..
Letters to Juliet..hehe..

after almost 7 hours of travelling,
we arrived at the metropolitan city of Kuala Lumpur..
OMG..i was wondering..
"how can they live in a crowded place like this?"
seriously, i can't..
hustle and bustle of town will make me crazy!~

we arrived at Hentian Jalan Duta..
and had our breaking fast there..
then my bro's fren fetched us up..
Mr. Ray, a Bugese..
looks like an indian, speaks like a Malay..
i was nearly presumed him as an Indian..

then, we settled down at Setiawangsa for a while..
then headed to NZ Curry House at Wangsa Maju..
having supper or snack..
after that, we went back to our place..
rested and slept..


woke up early in da moninx..
got myself ready and went to Hospital Ampang..
my bro had an appointment there..
juz a regular meeting with a doctor..
to check his condition after the operation..
after two hours of waiting, he managed to extend his mc..
10 days more..


then, we headed to KLCC..
dropped by at Wisma Central..
sending his hp for repair..then picked up Baju Raya..
murah gila electronical devices kt sini..
DSLR pn low price belaka..
nvm lah.. i got myself one alreadi..

then, i was elected as the messenger..
wahh..sending his mc to da office..
working in that tall & sky scratching tower of Malaysia..

then we made our may to Taman Melati..
buying gadgets for Ivy Cinta Sari & Evan Satria Dewa...

in da evening, we went out with Abg. Syed..
he's really a good guy..kind-hearted..
breaking fast at R&K Satay House.
it was great with da satay, tomyam and what so ever..

then kitaorg gerak g Jalan TAR..
apa lagi..shopink lah..
makk aih..mcm ikan keli gigit kaki kt Langkawi nun..
sesak sgt ngn ribuan manusia..
da most tragic thing was i couldn't find my turquoise baju melayu..
after 3 times wandering around..
finally..i got a pair..haha..
thanks to my bro, for buying that..
after 3 hours in that crowded place, we went back...
he sent us back and spent his night at our place..
early in da moninx, he off to work..
tanxs bro..



today, we went to Bank Negara to exchange money..
i got in by passing thru all the secured posts in that building..
having a security pass card, it was great..haha..
ohh dear, i've been there..
n then i got in to da restricted place for publics..

then we headed to KLCC..
my bro picked up his hp..
while i was busy capturing da magnificent view of KLCC..
i met a Philippines couple snapping pictures..
i offered my help to get them both in photos..
then the man did conversely..
his turn to take mine..
thank you..

and after that, a tourist from Jordan asked me to take his photo..
it was just fine..he asked me few questions..
haha..he wasn't a muslim...
but he praised Islam & Malaysia..
had a nice talk with him..
he asked me how's his English, I replied he juz fine..
how can i evaluate others when myself isn't great.. :)

then, we went back..to change cloth..
it was raining in da city center..
we went down da hill to Bazaar Ramadhan..
i bought two chicken wings, otak-otak..
not enuf of that, i turned and bought another two chicken wings..
haha..kat sini murah la..compared to Penang..

breaking fast with my bro at home..
an then get ready to go back to Perlis..
got a taxi sent us..then we hop on da bus..
guess what! it's a school bus lah!~
haiyoo...sempit gila..
it was almost 12 o'clock..
then we arrived at Kangar at 9..
the driver brought us everywhere..haha..
sakit blkg..

this is Evan Satria Dewa..

comel sgt waktu dia tido..

and this is Ivy Cinta Sari..

padah kacau kuceng yg xkenal kita .. :P

that's all for my sharing..
it was fun even it was short..