Menghitung Hari

"conscious not conscious", only 11 days left before I leave my motherland..Oh Allah, it seems like I'm not ready for this..things are not fully gathered..friends are not all managed to meet..time has not been optimally spent with families..the flight is on February 1o, 10.40 P.M. and i feel not prepared to go..many2 things I expect to my sweet baby, buy things, wandering around, and many more..

gonna miss :

- my parents ; Ahmad & Hatijah
- my siblings ; too many to mention
- my relatives
- my best friends forever
- my friends
- my teachers & lecturers


my sweet honey bunny sugar baby; Arnie Syuhaida

take a good care of yourself dear..
u may not be next to me, but you'll always remain in my heart..