Pre-departure Briefing for B.Ed TESL & PPC

Assalamuaalaikum..Praise be to Allah..
We managed to attend the event held in Kajang for one & a half day..
those involved there :

:: IPG Kampus P.Pinang - Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.
:: IPG Kampus Sultan Abdul Halim - Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, NZ.
:: IPG Kampus Batu Lintang - University of Otago, NZ.
:: IPG Kampus Temenggung Ibrahim - University of Auckland, Aucklang, NZ.
:: IPG Kampus Pendidikan Khas - Queensland University of Technology, Australia.
:: Taylor's University College - xigt la pulak.. :P

left Setiawangsa very late in the morning,
fortunately, Mr. Afifi Daud was readily waiting at KTM UKM..
showed up sharp at 9.30 & went for registration..
a short briefing..

i'm amazed with da faces of intelligent students in da hall..
315 TESL students filling up the hall, altogether with PPC students from Taylor's University College..
boy looked very smart & elegance in the lounge suit..
as well as da beautiful & gorgeous ladies..
well, it should be like that coz RM 400 has flown for it.. :)

da first day was fully taken by the ministries..
Bhg. Pendidikan Guru, Kem. Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia, Bahagian Tajaan Pendidikan..
brief, copact yet meaningful speeches were delivered by those officers..

da next day was filled with slots with MAS & RHB Bank..
i guess this is da day that everyone were there for..hahaha..
money time!

to simplify & make clear of this sharing..
we got Traveler's Cheque (TC) in Australian Dollars..
different universities have got different rates & amounts..
for Macquarie group, each has received 36 pcs of TC where each carries AUD 200.00..
the total is AUD 7200.00 (RM 22, 000+)..given for the first 4 months allowance..
it's atceli AUD 7306.00 where the remaining AUD 106 is given in cash..
the balance for clothing suit allowance is MYR 800.00 & then added up..
the total amount of cash we got is MYR 1120.35..
hopefully, i can manage this money well..

I realised that I'm one of the luckiest students in Malaysia..
the Government pays my cost of studies..
I should strive hard & repay this in the future..
I pray to God to keep me in His blessed pathway of life..

We are leaving at 10.40 P.M. on Feb 10,'s on Thursday..
KLIA will be da last place where we step on Malaysian ground..
those who intend to be there for sending off, I'd welcome you..
but don't make it hard for urself..
Thank..May Allah bless us..Wassalam.