O'week at Macquarie University

Assalamualaikum...time to update..
my uni held an orientation week for 4 days last week...it's called O'Week..this event is an annualy event and open to all new & current students..
along this week, booths are set up around the center of the uni which is called center courtyard..
we have booths for societies, banks, beverages, computers, personal hygeine, & many more..students are welcomed to sign up for societies...
i was impressed bcoz they are very committed to this..they hv come with great effort..and what is very good about O'week is the free gifts tradition..
i got t-shirt, diaries, note books, pensil case, drinks, water bottle, shaver, lights, toothbrush, food, bags, & many more..
i took the same things many times bcoz i went there like everyday..hahaha..kat Malaysia xda pun yg murah hati smpi cmni.. :)
tawu x skrg saya dah punya Adobe Creative Suite 5 Master Collection..percuma!! which consists of hot softwares such as Photoshop 5 Extended, Illustrator CS5, After Effects CS5...
market price might be up to hundreds dollars..i did enjoy my o'week..when i was bored, i did something good..i'll share with you..

hot & sunny day..

we could find many of this leaf over here...very nice isn't it?

sometimes u'll think this is the reality of love..

lepak pun best jugak..ample space & comfortable..no one cares kau nak ddk mne pun...

booth Coca Cola Zero nie best...ada sesi photography lak..siap dia bg yg printed version lg..

hehe..these are some pixcas of my art of boring days..

mamat nie sgt cool..tgk la biscep dia..jeles kot..dia nie wakil Mac Warrior..

that's all..see u in next post...*Auburn