Sydney Touch Down

Assamualaikum and hello all :D
*wiping my blog dusty*
huh...i took quite a time to update my deary blog..
too many things to share..until i dunno where to start..

i officially left for Sydney on 10 February at 11 p.m. (Malaysian time zone)..
unexpectedly, the flight was delayed due to problems in settling down the hand luggages..
before departing, i've been accompanied by my dearest family & neighbour..
he is an Imigration officer & luckily working at that time..
i managed to call many of my friends & my love ones (family & my honey)..
won't tell much bout that..but I was really touched by niece, Adliyana Namirah..
she cried deeply when I was about to leave..i love you sayang..i'll come back...dont worry.. :)

as we were taken up to the sky, I looked at Malaysian ground until I couldn't see anything..
that's the land I'm gonna leave for da sake of its nation..Nothing to say on da plane..
even a word wasn't projected unless it's necessary..I pray to Allah, please don't let me go astray..
I pray for His barakatul hidayah..

after 8 hours of boarding, we safely touched down at 11 a.m. (Sydney time zone) on 11 February..
it was sunny & hot..striking sun rays really pissed me's just like in Malaysia..
but alhamdulillah..thank to Allah for blessing our journey...

then we headed to our university..Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia..
the journey was fun..looking & staring at those new things such as cars, buildings & even da locals...

we registred at our campus village..& fortunately, I got da same house with Fifi, Pyan, & Bagan..
four of us staying in da same house! I love it! we got a house with five single bedrooms..1 toilet per room..
as soon as we arrived, we were surprise bcoz there's NO FAN! NO AIR-CON! demm it...hahahaha...i was sooooo hot..
huh! enough of it..

within these 5days we managed to get things settled..such as bank account, phone, internet, orientation..many more..
here are things I'd like to share with you..have a look!

My ATM bank card..National Australia Bank (NAB)

My brand new i-Phone 4 32GB

My room & mailbox key

House card key

Bus cards

health insurance


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