First Love

this is the hardest part..

my first unofficial girl was Aina Nadhirah Abd Rahman, a girl from Ipoh. Known by phone, never meet her. What can i say, she's polite and has strong faith. It was in 2005, when I was in Form 3. Now, she's in UIA. She does try to reach me sometimes, but i don't feel right with it. She's too good for me. She deserves a better man.

Right, my first official girl was a girl from Kedah as well. I knew her indirectly in mid 2006. It started when she sat next to me in a bus; going to school. We kept seeing each other. Lots of memories and tears together. I'm very sure she loved me very deep in her heart at that time. She sacrificed a lot for me. Once, we involved in road accident, but it never changed anything. It was my fault. We were together about two years. Everything changed when i got into IPG. Now, she's doing her degree in a university; northern part of Malaysia. Never seen her in years. But i wish she's fine with her life.