My parents..

I'm proud to be born in this family. The King of the kingdom is Ahmad b. Daud and Her Highness is Hatijah Hasim. After 44 years of marriage, they still stay together as husband and wife. Happily leading life with 10 children, but one left us earlier after few months of birth.

I'm impressed with both my parents. Hardship never stops my parents from raising us up. None of us didn't go to school. I'm here because of them. I wanna make them proud of me, that means proud of themselves. I won't be here if it's not because of their efforts. You raised me up, ayah & mak. I love you forever in heart. I pray for your blessing from Allah. If I have another parents for replacement, there are not the same as ayah and mak. You're the one and only parents I have.

Kasihku hingga ke syurga.